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Keystone Clash 2024 is coming! It will be held October 4-6, 2024 at the Morgantown PA Holiday Inn Convention Center

Introducing the Keystone Clash

Hundreds of aquarium hobbyists will show their prized fish at the Holiday Inn of Morgantown, PA on October 4-6, 2024. This is the best place to see, show, buy, and appreciate fish and aquariums.  

​The Keystone Clash, now in its ninth year, has been a collaborative effort between the Cichlid Club of York (CCY) and Aquarium Club of Lancaster County (ACLC)Learn more about the clubs sponsoring the Keystone Clash.


Registration is open!  Choose your registration package


Sneak Peek

Attractions at the convention include:

  • See the Aquatic Show.  Dozens of hobbyists contribute to this showroom with hundreds of tanks and fish, and there is a competition with awards for the best fish.

  • Learn from Guest Speakers.  Knowledgeable subject experts on a variety of topics will be sharing their wisdom.

  • Meet passionate hobbyists.  Two hobbyist clubs, the Cichlid Club of York (CCY) and Aquarium Club of Lancaster County (ACLC), are producing and attending this event; in addition, hobbyists come from as far away as Canada.

  • Involve the family and kids.  Our Give a Kid a Tank event is a favorite every year: every kid is invited to come get a free tank and discover the joy of fish keeping for themselves.

  • Aquascaping Competition. This popular hobby involves designing a beautiful world inside the aquarium by using plants, stones, and substrate to set a scene.

  • Attend the auction.  Buy and sell a variety of items including fish, tanks, accessories, and more.

  • Stock up with or become a vendor.  This is your one-stop-shop: whatever you need to add more excitement to the hobby, someone here is selling it.  

...And more! 

What's next?

Go down this checklist to get involved with this fun event.  


  • Become a sponsor or vendor. Our generous sponsors and talented vendors are seen by thousands of people online and hundreds of aquarium hobbyists in person.

  • Plan your visit.  Locate us, get directions, and learn the best place to stay.

  • Register.  Choose your registration package and let us know you're coming.

  • Get hyped for our events.  Enter your fish in the Aquatic Show, register for Give A Kid A Tank, and sign up for the Aquascaping competition.

Little Fish

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