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Sell or buy exciting fish and supplies

This is a public auction and participation is open to anyone who is interested in selling aquarium fish, equipment, literature, food cultures, artwork or related aquatic items only. This is an all fish-all aquatic animal and related auction.

Past items included:

  • 24" Aquasun Light

  • Gift certificate to aquarium supply stores

  • Fish including killifish, lillis, bags of baby fish

  • And more

Auction Rules:

Rules for the Seller:

1.  This is a public auction and participation is open to anyone who is interested in selling aquarium fish, equipment, literature, food cultures, artwork or related aquatic items only. This is an all fish-all aquatic animal and related auction. Event staff reserves the right to accept or reject any item brought to the auction to be sold.

2.  Registration – The event will be using to manage the auction. You are encouraged to register your items at any time once the on-line registration opens, up until the close of registration on September 24. Use photos to help sell your listings, as your description will be displayed from the auction database when your item comes up for bid. On site item registration begins at 9:00 AM on Sunday, September 24th and continues until 10:30 AM. 

  • If you have not already registered with MyGroupAuctions, please be sure to do so no later than the day prior to the auction.  MyGroupAuctions registration is free. You can register here.

  • Further details concerning registering with MyGroupAuctions and entering auction items

  • Anyone registering items for the auction will receive 1 red “priority” sticker for each 4 items registered up until 10:30 AM. Every item designated as a donation to the event will be gold tagged. These “priority” items will be auctioned at the beginning of the auction.

3. This is a live goods auction. Most new and used aquatic equipment and decor is acceptable for the auction but must be a donation to the Clash. The following items are prohibited from being sold at the auction: Used light bulbs of any kind, open containers of food or medicine, used carbons or filter resins. Aquariums and electronic items must be clearly marked as to condition.  The event staff reserves the right to reject any item judged as unsuitable for auction.

 4. All items will be distributed among the colored selling tables (red, blue, green, and yellow). Bags of one color will be auctioned first, then the next, and so on. The red colored tags will be auctioned first along with gold tagged donation items mixed in. After red items are gone, the remaining colors will be randomly drawn at the end of the previous colors' items. Nobody knows what color will be first (after red priority items) until right before the start of those colored items. The order in which items will be sold will be determined by the auction committee and auction staff.

5. All items must be properly labeled. All items must have a lot number, proper description, seller’s name, seller’s phone number and/or email address, quantity and condition. Fish must have scientific name, quantity and sex distribution, if known. Accepted terms are PAIR=1 male/1 Female same species, TRIO=1 male/2 females same species, REVERSE TRIO = 1 female/2 males same species. Any other combinations must be marked as to # of males/females or as # of fish sex unknown. Event staff reserves the right to reject any items not properly labeled.

6. All fish and plants to be auctioned must be properly bagged. NO Ziplocks or baggies! Any fish that the auction staff determines unsuitable will be rejected and the seller will be able to re-bag the item or the ACLC/CCY will rebag the fish properly for a $3 rebagging fee. The event will have a limited number of bags of various sizes available for sale the day of the auction.

7. Sellers are limited to no more than 5 lots of a single species/color morph/fin type

8. The split is: 70% to the seller, 30% to the Keystone Clash (unless it is a dry good which is 100% to the Keystone Clash)

9. No item may be removed from the auction once it has been registered unless it does not sell.

10. No sick or deformed fish will be accepted.  If these are found they will not be auctioned and they will be returned to the seller.

11. Any unclaimed items at the end of the auction become the property of the Aquarium Club of Lancaster County and the Cichlid Club of York.

12. Livestock restricted by either federal or Pennsylvania statutes will not be accepted. This includes ALL CRAYFISH.

13. Minimum bids will be accepted. Minimum bid must be in whole dollars. Mail-in Killifish entries will have a $10 minimum bid. The minimum bid may be reduced at the time of auction if the minimum is not attained. If items that do not reach the minimum bid are not claimed by their entrant by the end of the auction, the minimum will be lifted and the items sold for whatever price that can be obtained.

14. Payment to sellers will be sent after the auction along with a seller’s settlement sheet and a copy of the seller sheet. No payments will be made on the day of the auction. 


Rules for the Buyer:

1. All buyers must register with the registration committee and receive a bidder’s card. The cost of a bidder card is $5 for those who did not purchase a full weekend package. No items will be sold to anyone without a bidder’s card. Buyers running a tab may pay with cash, check, paypal or credit card. Buyers running a tab must provide a valid drivers license which will be held by the auction registration committee until final bill is paid in full. Any checks returned to the ACLC for any reason will incur an additional $35.00 fee.

2. All items purchased must be removed by 6pm the day of the auction.

3. ALL SALES ARE FINAL! All items are being sold “as is, where is” with all faults, known and unknown. Please inspect any items you are interested in thoroughly to your satisfaction before purchasing anything. Once the auctioneer announces an item sold, ownership immediately transfers to the winning bidder.

4. You are responsible for your purchases and the security of them. Neither the ACLC, CCY or their auction staff or committee, nor the venue where the auction is being held will be responsible for the security of your items once purchased.

5. After all red and gold dot items have been auctioned, express bids will be available for $5. Express bid request slips will be available from auction staff and lots that are expressed will be brought to the queue table after express fee is paid. All expressed items will immediately be placed at the front of the queue and auctioned off as soon as possible in the order they were expressed.

6. The Auctioneer's decision on all bids is FINAL!

7. No one will be allowed to remove any items from the auction room without proof of payment. Receipts for all sales will be provided by the Keystone Clash staff.

Seller rules
Buyer rules
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