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Aquatic Show

Aquarium hobbyists come from as far away as Canada to display dozens of different varieties of their favorite fish.

Hundreds of fish are entered in dozens of categories in our annual fish show.  The Keystone Clash 2024 fish show promises to have many amazing fish to see.  You're bound to see spectacular fish you've never seen before.  The winners are immortalized in the Hall of Fame.  Any hobbyist can enter their fish in our competition.

*Number of Entries Updated 9/17 with final count

Are you a hobbyist?  You can show your fish off too!

2024 Fish Show Registration will open on a date TBA.  Follow us on social media to be notified.

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The rules are spelled out below.

2024 Fish Show Classes and Sponsors

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Sponsor a Class

Support the show by donating to the Clash and enjoy the perks of being a donor.


2023 Fish Show Rules

Entry Fees 

  1. Preregistration ends at midnight on Friday, September 15, 2023. Both entry fees and show forms must be submitted no later than this date. Entries for the show will not be accepted after this time. No walk in’s. Entry’s shall be paid for via the websites online payment system at

  2. Entry fee is $5 per entry.

  3. Entry fees are not refundable. 

  4. All entrants will be asked to declare one club as their home club for the purpose of the Club Keystone Challenge Championship. You must be a paid member of that club at the time of the show (September 22-24, 2023).  Although membership in an aquarium club is encouraged, it is not a requirement for show participation.


Show Exhibitor's and Entries Qualifications 

  1. All classes are open to any aquarist - neither CCY nor ACLC membership is required.  

  2. There is no limit to the number of entries per exhibitor. 

  3. No exhibit will be entered in more than one class. 

  4. Only ONE entry is permitted in each tank except for killifish.  Entries must be in male/female pairs 

  5. For all classes, entries shall be as described with their scientific name with the corresponding class number annotated.

  6. If entrant is not present, they must have someone to tend to their entries. Neither the ACLC nor the CCY will be able to set-up.  Killifish mail-in entries will be handled by MAKO/AKA staff.


Show Rules 

  1. Pre-registered entries may placed during the event until 11:00 AM on September 23, 2023. 

  2. All exhibits must be set up on either Friday September 22, between 9:00 AM and 8:00 PM or on Saturday, September 23 between 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM. 

  3. Tampering with any exhibit other than that which belongs to oneself is strictly forbidden. If an entry needs attention or needs to be moved for any reason, please inform a member of the Show Committee and they will attend to the situation. 

  4. No extensions or early teardowns without prior permission of the Show Committee. 

  5. All exhibits will be under the full control of the Show Committee while in the show, they must remain there for the duration of the show. 

  6. All entries shall be removed from the show area between 8:00 PM and 9:30 PM September 23 or 7:00 AM and 9:00 AM September 24.  Entrants must bring their own bagging supplies.  Items not claimed by 9 AM on September 24 will become the property of the ACLC and CCY and will be placed in the auction. 

  7. Neither the Holiday Inn, Cichlid Club of York, nor Aquarium Club of Lancaster County will be held responsible for any loss or damage incurred during the show. 

  8. Exhibitors do have a responsibility to be careful with water and should take care not to spill. 

  9. Exhibitors may choose to have their exhibits auctioned. The exhibitor is responsible to be sure that those fish are bagged and properly labeled after judging is completed, as well as being registered for the auction according to the auction rules.

  10. For the Photography Class, photos of photographs are not allowed. All prints must be of a living animal. All entries must have been taken by the exhibitor. Digital prints should be as close to the original image as possible, (non-manipulated). These are photographic images that haven’t been wildly altered from the originals with software tools (like Photoshop, In-design, Illustrator etc.), prior to printing or scanning. Exhibitors may use these computers editing tools to adjust for contrast, exposure, cropping and other traditional adjustments that could be obtained through a traditional darkroom process. Only basic image corrections such as sharpening, saturation, cropping, color balance and removal of dust, scratches or water spots are allowed. All photos should be at least 5”x7” or larger. Title of print or fish identification should be clearly marked on the back of the image or mount. Nothing should be on the photograph though that would identify the photographer. It is suggested that the prints be mounted on stiff backing or matted but this is not required.

  11. Arts and Crafts Classes Rules:  All entries in these classes must be aquatic related and be original work of the exhibitor



  1. Containers: All non-photography/arts & crafts entries will be displayed in flat-sided containers. All containers shall be bare. Plants or decorations are not allowed. For the Aquatic Plants class, plants such as ferns or moss are permitted to be attached to rock or wood. ACLC and CCY will have a limited supply of containers for pre-registered travelers which must be requested during registration to be reserved. Please note on registration form how many you will need and what size (20T, 10, or 3). The first registrants to pre-register online will have priority for tank availability.  In the event that the clash depletes their tank supply, registrants will be notified of the requirement to bring their own.

  2. Air: the show committee will provide air to within four feet of all exhibits. Exhibitors are to supply their own air stones or sponges. There will be no open-air lines. 

  3. Stands: Tables will be provided for all exhibits 3 gallons to 10 gallons. Exhibits over 10 gallons will require their own stands. Exhibits are not permitted to sit on the floor. 

  4. Lighting: No lights or reflectors are permitted. 

  5. Covers: All exhibits are to have full covers of the exhibitor's choice for the protection of the specimen(s) being displayed.  Covers will be provided by the Clash ONLY for 3 gallon entries

  6. Heaters: The show area is normally maintained at a minimum of 70 degrees. Heaters are not permitted except for the discus and saltwater classes.  Entrants must bring their own heaters for the discus and saltwater classes.

  7. Water: Water for the saltwater classes must be prepared by the entrant.  Salt will not be provided by the clash.




  1. Judging will take place on Saturday morning, September 23, 2023 beginning at 11:00 AM. 

  2. There will be awards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each class. Decisions of the judges are final and are not subject to appeal. 

  3. Classification and size of fishes to be determined by references chosen by the show committee. 

  4. Photography class: Judging will be based on art, technical skill, and the ability of the Judge to identify the subject(s). 

  5. Judges shall move entries into the correct class if the entry is not properly classified. Being entered in the wrong class is not justification for disqualification of an entry.

  6. Judges may disqualify entries for deformities, disease, injury or other health conditions. 


Keystone Clash Killifish Mail-in Show Entry Instructions

Show registration for mail-in killifish is FREE.

Mail-in show entries MUST be auctioned (70/30 split), but if the bag doesn't fetch the $10 minimum bid, the next closest bid will be accepted.  The auction is managed by MyGroupAuctions, so all mail-in entries must ALSO be registered with under the Keystone Clash group. At the time of entering killi’s on MyGroupAuctions, you must enter the killi as a $10 minimum.


Mail-in show fish are registered as follows:

1. Register fish for the show at the Keystone Clash website.

2. In parallel, register your mail-in show fish for the Keystone Clash auction at  This site provides online help for the required processes of a) registering the entrant, b) joining a group (Aquarium Club of Lancaster County), and c) adding items to an auction (Keystone Clash 2023).  If you are already registered with MyGroupAuctions, only steps b and c are necessary.  *Please ensure your mailing address is correct and current on MyGroupAuctions.

3. Ship your entries to the show venue, below.  All mail-ins must arrive on Thursday 21 Sept. or Friday 22 Sept.  Include a copy of your Clash Fish Entry Form and your MyGroupAuctions list including lot numbers, and a phone number.  The latter can be printed from the MyGroupAuctions website.  Bagged fish should be identified with the associated MyGroupAuctions lot number.  Lists should be secured in a separate plastic bag or laminated to prevent damage due to any water leaks.

Mail-In Address:

Holiday Inn

Keystone Clash Event

6170 Morgantown Road

Morgantown PA 19543

HOLD for: Mike Buchma/ Sarah Walker


Cash Prizes:

  • Keystone Club Challenge Champion - $300

  • Keystone Individual Challenge Champion - $150

  • Best of Show - $100

  • Best Cichlid - $100

  • Best Killi - $100

  • Reserve of Show - $50

  • Peoples Choice - $50


Keystone Club Challenge Championship

This could be a great way for your club to earn some recognition and $300 for operating funds. 


How does it work? Participation in the fish show will earn members points by the point system (below). Each club will total the points awarded for all club members who have declared that club as their home club, and the club with the most points will be declared winner.


Here is the point system:

  • 1st Place class awards – 10 points each

  • 2nd Place class awards – 5 points each

  • 3rd Place class awards – 3 points each

  • Non-placing Show entries – 1 point each

  • Best Cichlid – Additional 10 points

  • People’s Choice – Additional 10 points

  • Best Killifish - Additional 10 points

  • Reserve of Show - Additional 15 points

  • Best of Show - Additional 25 points

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