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From connecting with the family over fish to competing with other hobbyists, there's an event for everyone

The Keystone Clash is a hobbyist-run convention, and that means there are a lot of ways to get involved.  Do you want to show off your own fish and compete with the other hobbyists in a fish show?  Do you want to trade or buy fish?  Do you want to start your kids in the hobby with their own aquarium for free?  You can do all these things and more!



Give A Kid A Tank (GAKAT)

A family favorite every year: every kid is invited to build their own free starter tank and discover the joy of fish keeping for themselves.

Tropical Aquarium


Aquascaping Competition

Aquarium plants, stones, and substrate take the spotlight.  Some fish are there too.


Fish Competition

Aquatic Show

A collection of hobbyists' fish, a competition across dozens of different classes; trophies are awarded to the best fish in each class.  

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