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2019 Board of Directors

President: Dwayne Walker

Vice-President: Glenn Davies

Treasurer: Mike Mull

Secretary: Liz Walker

2019 Board of Directors

President: Michael Buchma

Vice-President: Mike Mull

Treasurer: Christina Bahrt

Secretary: Wesley Bahrt

Founded in 1972 by Wayne Calender, Bill Adair, and Jeff Miller the history of  the Aquarium Club of Lancaster County dates back almost 50 years. It has continually provided education and promotion of the aquarium hobby in the Mid-Atlantic region to multiple generations of aquarium keepers. With a portion of all club proceeds going to their Aquatic Life Education Fund,  which helps to provide school districts with funding for Aquatic sciences, the ACLC continues this support for the Aquarium Community and Aquatic Sciences.

While only just recently celebrating its sixth anniversary, the Cichlid Club of York was founded in 2011 by Scott Mclaughlin.  It has grown rapidly in that short time and strongly promotes the aquarium hobby, with a focus on Cichlids, to a new generation of hobbyists. As part of its CCY Helps program, the club has made donations to Charities such as St. Baldricks foundation and Wounded Warrior.

The Keystone Clash, now in its fourth year, has been a collaborative effort between both clubs. Established to play on the friendly rivalry between these two sister clubs, the Clash allows and encourages hobbyists of all skill and experience to learn more about the hobby that they love and show off their own Aquatic adventures. 

On top of providing a one of a kind experience for Hobbyists, the Keystone Clash functions as the main fundraiser for both the CCY and the ACLC and for their charitable works for the year. As Not-for-profit organizations be assured that all revenue generated by these events goes toward advancement of the aquatic hobby, aquatic sciences or other Charitable works.


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