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Fish Show Water Parameters

2021 Keystone Clash Venue Water Parameters

Water quality is a matter of great importance to your fish, we have endeavored to compile the known history of this water source as well as do some testing of our own to ensure you are able to best care for your particular fish when they come to stay at the Keystone Clash.


Shortly before the event, it is our intention to double-check parameters in case of any seasonal changes that might present themselves, though levels should stay within the typical ranges provided below. Any deviation from the typical ranges will be posted at our water quality table, if any occur.

Here are the most current water parameters for the venue:


Alk 160-190ppm

G hard 149-180ppm

Ph 7.2-7.4

Phos 0.4-2.0ppm

Ammo 0.0

Nitrite 0.0

Nitrate 18-19ppm

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