2019 Keystone Clash Venue Water Parameters

Water quality is a matter of great importance to your fish, we have endeavored to compile the known history of this water source as well as do some testing of our own to ensure you are able to best care for your particular fish when they come to stay at the Keystone Clash.


All records for this municipality’s parameters have been downloaded from it’s website:


We collected a sample from the Clarion Hotel January 13th for the 2019 values, new for this year we are testing both cold and hot water lines and providing both values to highlight any differences in water caused by the use of the water heater. The on-site test for 2018 was a mix of hot and cold water sources and was averaged. One round of physical liquid tests from the API Master Test Kit and three rounds of API spin tests were completed to confirm accuracy, an average of those tests will be used for the on-site columns. Salinity was measured with a refractometer and Total Dissolved Solids were measured with an electronic TDS meter.


Shortly before the event, it is our intention to double-check parameters in case of any seasonal changes that might present themselves, though levels should stay within the typical ranges provided below. Any deviation from the typical ranges will be posted at our water quality table, if any occur.

Download the report below:


70-90 ppm is ideal for freshwater snails, certain shrimp/crustaceans may also like slightly higher concentrations, though unlikely to harm them for the short-term.