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Keystone Clash Killifish Mail-in

Show Entry Instructions

Registration of mail-in show fish is different in several ways from registration of carry-in show fish.  Show registration for mail-ins is FREE.  Just follow the website instructions using the coupon code “Killi19”, which will cancel the entry fee. 

Mail-in show entries MUST be auctioned (70/30 split).  The auction is managed by MyGroupAuctions software, so all mail-in entries must ALSO be registered with MyGroupAuctions.com under the Keystone Clash group. At the time of entering killi’s on MyGroupAuctions. 

Mail-in show fish are registered as follows:

1.   Register fish for the show at the Keystone Clash website using the “Killi19” coupon code.  This code is only used for mail-ins.

2.   In parallel, register your mail-in show fish for the Keystone Clash auction at MyGroupAuctions.com.  This site provides online help for the required processes of a) registering the entrant, b) joining a group (Aquarium Club of Lancaster County), and c) adding items to an auction (Keystone Clash 2019 ACLC/CCY).  If you are already registered with MyGroupAuctions, only steps b and c are necessary.

3.   Notify me by text message, telephone, or voicemail at:  Gary Haas 410-459-8397, on or before Saturday 7 September.  This notification is so we can set up tanks for your entries, and be on the lookout for your shipment.

4.   Ship your entries to the show venue, below.  All mail-ins must arrive on Thursday 12 Sept. or Friday 13 Sept.  Include a copy of your Clash Fish Entry Form and your MyGroupAuctions list including lot numbers, and a phone number.  The latter can be printed from the MyGroupAuctions website.  Bagged fish should be identified with the associated MyGroupAuctions lot number.  Lists should be secured in a separate plastic bag or laminated to prevent damage due to any water leaks.

Clarion Hotel & Conference Center

Keystone Clash Event

148 Sheraton Drive

New Cumberland PA 17070

HOLD for: Callie Parker/Gary Haas

Clash killi staff will take it from there.