"Give A Kid A Tank" Event

A family favorite every year: every kid is invited to build a free starter tank and discover the joy of fish keeping for themselves.

The Give-a-kid-a-tank sponsorship was brought to the Keystone Clash to provide young fish-keepers with their first fish tank. Through the generous donations of our sponsors the Keystone Clash will provide your young hobbyist with the tank, decorations and fish to fully stock and operate their first fish tank.

During the setup they will be helped by volunteers who will guide them through the setup and requirements of keeping fish. 

Registration is Closed


​Be advised You will be receiving a 10 gallon tank, decorations and fish. Please have a suitable location available at home that can support 80-90 lbs.

Time: 12:30 PM Saturday, Sept 25 2021

Location: Convention Atrium