Aquascaping Competition

Aquarium plants, stones, and substrate take the spotlight 

New event for 2022: compete with your aquascapes!


  • 12 WIO Aquariums will be aquascaped

  • Tanks will be between 15-20 gallons

  • Sand, driftwood, rocks, and plants are provided

  • Live stock may be put in the aquarium by the competitor.  Competitor may remove live stock at end of competition or donate to the Keystone Clash.

  • Aquascaping will be done Friday evening, and Judging will be done Saturday afternoon.

  • Prizes:

    • 1st Place: Take home the tank or the proceeds of the tank from the raffle.​

    • 2nd & 3rd Place:  Prizes to be revealed later

  • After the competition has been judged, the aquascaped tanks will be raffled Saturday evening at the awards ceremony.


Wio Tanks donated by Cuboid

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Lights provided by Hygger

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Plants donated by Animal Idols

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Filters provided by Oase

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Cost is $10 per entry.

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Please help us defray the costs of expenses for the competition.  12 Sponsorships total are available, so get one before they're gone. 

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